Married To An Addict: Stay or Leave?By Jackie Pilossoph

married to an addict

When You Are Married to an Addict, Divorce May Be the Best Choice by Mark Danson   Being the spouse of an addict is draining. You have to cope with…..

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Thinking of Getting Divorced? Here’s When You Know It’s TimeBy Jackie Pilossoph

      This is a guest post by blogger, Jennifer Landis who offers advice to those who are either daydreaming or seriously thinking of getting divorced.    When Divorce…..

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“Women Are Crazy” Is This True?By Jackie Pilossoph

      A guy said to me the other day, “You should write an article about the fact that women are crazy.”   With no idea how to respond…..

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3 Relationship Tips For Empty NestersBy Jackie Pilossoph

            3 Relationship Tips for Empty Nesters by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press The best word I can use to describe how I felt…..

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Can This Marriage Be Saved? I’m Thinking No.By Jackie Pilossoph

      Can this marriage be saved? Read what this guy writes, followed by my thoughts and advice, and then decide.   What I find so frustrating is that…..

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Considering Divorce? Consider These New Divorce Laws In IllinoisBy Jackie Pilossoph

          If you are considering divorce and are seeking information, check out this guest post, written by family law attorney, Anna Krolikowska on behalf of The…..

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Should This Guy Leave His Cheating Wife?By Jackie Pilossoph

        Should this guy leave his cheating wife? I have recently been contemplating separating/divorcing with my wife. I have a fairly high sex drive and my wife…..

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Staying in an Unhappy Marriage: Weighing The Positives and NegativesBy Jackie Pilossoph

      From a reader: Is Staying in an unhappy marriage because you know you won’t see your kids as much and there is the possibility of another man…..

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Thinking of Getting Back Together? 20 Questions to ConsiderBy Jackie Pilossoph

  A reader’s comment below prompted this blog post. I’m not sure if he is thinking of getting back together with his ex-wife or if he is asking how to…..

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Read This If You Are Thinking of SeparatingBy Jackie Pilossoph

    I loved this post in the sense that it is something to think about if you are thinking of separating. A long term relationship is ALWAYS challenging and…..

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