Reading Divorced Guy Grinning is like hanging out with your platonic female divorced friend and hearing her perspective on your divorce and your love life issues.


Hi, my name is Jackie Pilossoph and I am the creator and editor-in-chief of Divorced Guy Grinning and Divorced Girl Smiling.  Because I’m a divorced woman who created the brand “Divorced Girl Smiling,” one might assume that I only have compassion for women  (not men) getting divorced (which is not true), that I only want to help women getting divorced (which is not true) and that I only understand women getting divorced (which is not true.)

I launched Divorced Guy Grinning a couple of years after  Divorced Girl Smiling because I wanted to offer advice and support to men who are:


1. Considering divorce
2. Going through one
3. Dating after divorce
4. Living life as single dads


Although I’ve been told more than a few times that I am clueless and have no idea what men are really thinking, I have also been told by men that they enjoy hearing the female perspective on things. It’s kind of like getting some insight into what your ex-wife, the girl you just met or  your new girlfriend might be thinking.


My qualifications? Being a divorced woman for over 15 years, I have met, dated, interviewed and/or become friends with hundreds of separated/divorced men and women, and have pretty good insight into their concerns, issues, problems, fears, and worries. That’s why I think I can offer solid advice and support. I’m not always right, but I do try to provide honest, non-sugarcoated, and inspirational messages.

I want to encourage you to visit Divorced Girl Smiling, as well, because almost all of the articles are meant to help BOTH men and women.


I hope you enjoy Divorced Guy Grinning, and remember this:

Any guy can be a nice guy, and that’s great. But, strive to be more than that. It’s not that hard. Ask any woman. Great relationships are those in which both partners have self-awareness, and the courage to keep working on being the best people they can be.


With love,

Jackie Pilossoph
Creator, Divorced Guy Grinning and Divorced Girl Smiling

Questions? Comments? Reach me at: Jackie@divorcedgirlsmiling.com


My bio:

Jackie Pilossoph

Jackie Pilossoph is the creator of her websites, Divorced Girl Smiling and Divorced Guy Grinning. Divorced Girl Smiling, which is a worldwide brand and community, is also a podcast, and a mobile app. The author of the novels, Divorced Girl Smiling and Free Gift With Purchase, Pilossoph also wrote the weekly dating and relationships advice column, “Love Essentially” for the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press for 7 1/2 years. Additionally, she was a Huffington Post divorce blogger for 5 years. Pilossoph holds a Masters degree in journalism from Boston University. She lives in Chicago with her family.
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