“Women Are Crazy” Is This True?


women are crazy



A guy said to me the other day, “You should write an article about the fact that women are crazy.”


With no idea how to respond to his statement, (and keep in mind this is a happily married man who said this) I decided to find out if other men felt the same. How? I posted the following on Facebook: “I have a question for guys: Are women crazy? If so, tell me why. You can private message me if you’d like to stay anonymous.”


The response I received was crazy (no pun intended.) Comments were pouring in and there were only a few private messages, meaning no one really cared about going public about feeling that women are crazy. Also, just as many women chimed in. In other words, they ignored “I have a question for guys” and maybe felt the need to verify or defend the fact that they too think women are crazy.



Here are some of the responses:


“They overanalyze everything. Their senses are so highly tuned. They smell everything, the see everything. Every sense if overloaded. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. They’re competitive and suspicious. I’m getting my eyes fixed, I need a tummy tuck. On and on and on…”


“Women aren’t really crazy until you add men to the equation. Welcome to crazy town!


“Being married to the wrong person for a long time and then getting divorced, I think that is a huge cause. There are many divorced women that will NEVER trust or get close to any other man because some moron treated them like farm animals during their awful marriage. That’s really sad…I like to respect others for who they are. Many women are so injured that they are suffering greatly in the trust department. . And there are women out there who won’t allow a man to say something nice or complimentary to them without first assuming that the guy making the compliment is a stalker or some kind of weirdo…”



“I think we can all be a little crazy… depends on the person and what they are dealing with at the time.”


“Crazy ones are full of drama, jealousy, and baggage that they can’t get over.”


“Women are complicated. Men just interpret that as crazy.”


“Although I don’t like to stereotype, in my experience, women respond and react more emotionally in a situation. When emotions flare up, and they do for everyone, if you can’t maintain a mindfulness about the situation and control your emotions, choose a powerful action for yourself as a response that is logical, then that equates to the definition of insanity for me…which is crazy…but that just describes a single moment.
So in answer to your question, NO, not ALL women are crazy…SOME make crazy choices SOMETIMES, but that doesn’t make them crazy.”


“Why are women crazy? The answer: men.”


“In going to come right out and say yup, especially when peri menopause is involved.”


“In my opinion, everyone is a little crazy, but woman have better access to real emotion (sometimes for better, sometimes worse). Thus, their responses because they are grounded in real emotion, seem more crazy, especially to guys whose 4 least favorite words are- we need to talk.”


What I took away from my survey was, not all women are crazy, men can be crazy too, and people can be crazy at certain times in their life—like during divorce or after, or on an occasional basis.


What does “crazy” really mean? Irrational? Psychotic? Hysterical? Deranged? Unhinged? A lunatic? It can also mean intensely passionate about something, hence the phrase “She’s crazy about me,” which is a good thing, right?


Sometimes I think a people will say of their spouse or someone he/she is dating, “He/She is crazy,” because the person just doesn’t know how else to define what is going on, or maybe because he or she doesn’t want to accept any responsibility for his/her own role in the crazy behavior. Or maybe there is truth to “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” because what a man thinks is crazy isn’t crazy to a woman at all.


Katz and Stefani


Perhaps the funniest thing that came out of my “study” on this subject was a link someone sent me to the “Hot Crazy Matrix.”


Besides being really really entertaining, there is in some crazy way some truth to it! Watch:




In closing, next time you find yourself saying “Women are crazy,” ask yourself if perhaps you have something to do with it. If you do, own up to it. If not, ask yourself if it is temporary, an isolated incident, or if crazy is a chronic condition for your spouse, and if maybe he/she isn’t really right for you. Or, like a lot of men do, roll your eyes and accept that “women are crazy.”





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