Great Wellness Program for the Newly Separated

When someone is newly separated, their stress level is so high that it can sometimes affect them physically. That could mean their immune system, their digestive system, weight loss or weight gain, headaches, and lots of other changes in their body. 

I wanted to share a guest post by fitness expert and nutrition coach, Christopher Brady, because he has worked with many men and women during periods of high stress in their life, including me. 


4 Things to Help you Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions by Christopher Brady

It’s the start of a new year and you have promised yourself to stick to the “new”program that you found via Google search that guarantees results. It’s January and there are loads of new detoxes, cleanses, and diet pills you filtered through. Here’s the reality: In 365 days, you’ll be back on that Google search looking for another “new”program to start another year. You are the 365 day dieter.

If you want to permanently change your life by building a solid base you can launch from keep reading.

My clients often are asked what diets I put them on, what foods they can and cannot eat and their responses are all mind blowing to the 365 day dieter. Here is what they say: “I’m not on a diet, I eat whatever I want.”

Are you thinking, ‘That’s not right! It can’t be true!’? My answer is, It is true. Our body is constantly seeking balance, your balance in life, over-all wellness and strength. When your body achieves balance, it wants to maintain it as long as it can.

When learning how to achieve balance in your body you will see long term results and not results that eventually fade away. You will no longer be the 365 day dieter.

What do I focus on to help you achieve life long results?  We start with the basics and they are stress, hydration, food and movement.


Stress: Strategizing healthy ways to look at and manage stress is the key to balancing your body. We focus on what’s “realistic” for you to manage stress and then set expectations from there.

Hydration: Sip don’t chug your water. Hydration is a large focus this time of year because we lose more water with the environment being colder. Start off by paying attention to the amount of water you drink in a day.

Food : Look for ways to add fresh, organic, nutrient and fiber dense foods to your daily meals. The focus is on how we can feel energized throughout the day.

Movement: It is important to keep your body limber and go through ranges of motion that keep you “ache” free. Being sedentary for long periods of time is not healthy and can cause muscle imbalances that cause aches and pains that people try to pass off as “just getting old.”

My program is one that allows clients to achieve a better understanding on what it takes for them to maintain the balance they strive for. It is not a lack of will power that is holding people back, it is a lack of interpretation of what your body is signaling that it needs. Our bodies are constantly working to achieve balance and when you confidently understand what you need to help your body, the results are life changing.

Its being able to confidently apply knowledge about food and how it impacts the balance of your body.


I initially met Chris last spring while interviewing him for a business feature story for the paper that is now Suburban Tribune. Shortly after, I became a client, and began seeing him once a week for 10 weeks. During that time, I lost 12 pounds. I don’t want to say it was effortless, but honestly, I don’t remember it being difficult and I don’t remember feeling deprived. If i wanted to eat something, i just ate it. But i also followed all these things Chris told me to do, like add certain foods, eat certain things together. It wasn’t that complicated, I just did what he said. And we talked. We talked a lot. About food choices and emotional eating and stress.   I never felt like i was on a diet. In other words, like anything i was doing was temporary. It felt permanent, because if I wanted to eat some cookies, I just did. I didn’t think, “Oh, those arent’ on the diet.” Now, almost 7 months later, I have kept the weight off. I eat whatever I want at certain times, (not every day), but I never, ever deprive myself of something I want or the quantity of how much of it I want. I think the explanation of my maintaining my desired weight is that my body now craves healthier choices most of the time. I do still eat cookies and candy at times, but I also eat food I know is nourishing my body the way it needs to be nourished. And the weight stays off. I love Chris and I would recommend him to anyone!

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