3 Ways Sports Can Help You While Going Through A Divorce

going through a divorce

3 Ways Sports Can Help You While Going Through A Divorce  by Mike Jones

No matter how long the relationship lasted, dealing with the emotional and financial fall-out of a split takes a great deal of time and energy. Everyone has their way of bouncing back while going through a divorce, but for many, exercising and playing sports helps to pull them out of their slump. Take Brad Pitt or Usher for example. Do you think they sat around and moped during their high-profile breakups? Nah, they hit the gym.

Here are three reasons to play sports while going through a divorce:

    1. Improve Your Mood.

One of the most touted perks of exercise is the elevation of your mood. Playing sports activates chemicals in your brain, such as endorphins, which make you feel happier and more Zen. Often going through a divorce can make you feel depressed and anxious, or bring out those symptoms even more if you already deal with these conditions.

Exercise fights these feelings, although researchers are still studying exactly how and why it is as effective as it is. “The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong,” says Dr. Michael Otto, a psychology professor at Boston University. “Usually within five minutes of moderate exercise, you get a mood enhancement effect.”In studies, more active people were found to be less depressed than less active people. Evidence continues to mount so much that doctors are adding exercise as part of their treatment regimens.

Many types of cardio can help you battle dark feelings. Try going for a run or even a brisk walk. Call a friend to meet up for a game of tennis. Spinning is a great option as well since you can easily control the level of your workout to make it anything from a relaxing cycle to a full-out, cathartic blowout. Set up a stationary bike in your home, such as a Sunny fitness bike or Schwinn fitness bike, so you can get your sweat on without even leaving your house.

      2. Distract Yourself.

You may suddenly find yourself with a lot more alone time while going through your divorce. Now, more than ever, it is vital that you find activities that help you focus on the task at hand. Pushing yourself at the gym or on the pitch forces you to stay in the moment and concentrate on how your body feels. It clears your mind of other stresses for a short time. Try focusing on your feet as a way to literally ground yourself. Anytime you feel yourself getting emotional or lonely, go for a run, spin, or lift some weights. Even a light workout can help you distract yourself for a while.

       3. Increase Your Confidence.

OK, so you might not be ready right now to get back into the dating game, but soon enough you’ll want to start thinking about it. In dating, looking and feeling secure is key. Playing sports shapes your body, helps you lose or maintain weight, and magnifies your confidence level. Oh yeah, and the increase of blood flow throughout your body when you exercise boosts your sex drive!


Katz and Stefani


People who feel good about the way they look want to show off your body. Regular exercise helps to even out blood sugar levels and, as mentioned, fills your body with feel-good endorphins. More (maybe most) importantly, active guys are significantly less likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

A study in Finland discovered that men who work out the most felt more self-assured and capable than those who didn’t. The feeling of well-being that comes with exercise helped them create stronger “mental resources” like confidence, according to author Oili Kettunen. When you do start dating again, remember to take it slow. Jumping into a full-fledged affair right away is a risky move.

Final thoughts

Although going through a divorce is one of the toughest things in life, know that you can get through it. Playing sports and working out will help you stay positive, focused, and confident for whatever comes your way.

Mike Jones discovered the benefits of sports for mind and body when trying to lose some pounds. He likes jogging in the morning to get a clear mind, and prefers going to the gym late at night to get a better night’s sleep. 



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