6 Bad Habits Affecting your Behavior and How to Quit Them

6 Bad Habits Affecting Your Behavior And How To Quit Them  by Alex Moore


Everyone has bad habits and each one of us is aware of this fact. Nevertheless, it sometimes feels powerless to change them. However, it is possible! Just making just a few small changes in our habits can bring powerful results.
Bad Habits Lead To Bad Character

Thoughts form habits and habits form character. By changing your mind, you can change your habits and character at the same time. This will lead to a happier, healthier life. Take a look at these suggestions to see if you can get rid of your bad habits.



1. Eating Too Much Junk Food

Fast food or junk food is both is convenient and takes great. But, it’s also deadly. These types of foods are loaded with fat, salt and sugar which increase your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain cancers. They also increase inflammation in the body which can lead to painful conditions such as arthritis. Chronic pain can lead to depression and irritability.

Quitting junk food is not easy. We get addicted to foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar. We also lead very busy lives and it is convenient to stop at a fast food restaurant instead of cooking dinner.

However, changing this behavior can be achieved! Start with making small changes at first. Replace junk food with healthy choices like fruits and vegetables. A fresh salad doesn’t take long to make and can be substituted for a greasy pizza if you are tired or in a hurry. Change your diet progressively and opt for a healthier lifestyle. This will reflect positively on your state of mind and behavior. Don’t forget that a healthy person is a happy person!

2. Poor Sleeping Habits

We all know we need to get good sleep but do you know that your sleeping position can be a bad habit? Studies show that there is a strong connection between sleep positions and sleep disorders. It appears that those who sleep on their backs are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. This is a condition where breathing is temporarily interrupted throughout the person’s sleep.

How can this be changed? Specialists claim that side sleeping is the best sleeping position, because it stimulates blood flow, it reduces snoring and acid reflux and it can prevent back pain. However, side sleepers are very likely to suffer from neck pain, which is why you need to choose one of the best pillows for side sleepers available on the market and thus, prevent neck pain. Train yourself to sleep on your left side, because this is considered to be the best sleeping position.


Katz and Stefani

3. Smoking Cigarettes
It is no surprise that tobacco use is bad for you. The effects of smoking have a terrible impact on your body! Smoking causes cancer, interferes with your lungs’ capacity to send life-giving oxygen to your body and can increase anxiety. Many people wish they could quit but the withdrawal symptoms are too much to bear.

Nature has a surprising answer to this dilemma. Kudzu is a plant that can actually eliminate your addiction to nicotine without any withdrawal symptoms. According to a study done by Harvard scientists, Kudzu binds to the nicotine receptors in the brain and replaces the craving for tobacco. Kudzu is an inexpensive herbal remedy found in most health stores and has no side effects.

4. Overspending and High Debt

Stress that comes from money troubles can cause enormous problems for both mind and body. It can contribute to high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and stomach ulcers. Worrying about money also affects your mood and can cause bad behaviors like excessive eating, smoking or drinking alcohol.

Fortunately, this habit can be reversed. Educate yourself about how to manage your money wisely. Create a good budget and discipline yourself to stick to it. With this discipline, you can pay off a good amount of debt and sleep better at night. You will get a sense of freedom and enjoy your life more.

5. Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship is characterized by one person’s needs and desires being met while leaving the other person feeling used and unfulfilled. If you are recovering from a toxic relationship, you may need to find a counselor or a support group to help you detox from it. An online support group like this website, can offer support from many others who have been there and can encourage you.


6. Excessive Use of Alcohol and Drugs


There are plenty of reasons why heavy drinking and/or using drugs is highly dangerous. For starters, it encourages impulsive behavior which can lead to bad decisions and ultimately a life full of regrets. Furthermore, it limits your ability to process information and makes you less aware of everything that is happening around you. This is why drinking and driving is not something you should even consider doing.

In addition, although alcohol can lead to temporary anxiety relief, it can also lead to alcohol abuse, overeating and other emotional issues that can seriously affect your health and endanger the lives of your loved ones.

Excessive use of drugs is even more dangerous than alcohol abuse. This habit will terribly affect your marriage/romantic relationships and the relationships with the people who are close to you. A person who suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction can become selfish, self-centered and oblivious to other people’s needs. This can cause emotional distress, isolation, lack of communication and can lead to a breakdown in the marriage or relationship.


Remember that you are in charge of your life, your health and emotional and physical wellbeing. It takes courage to identify your bad habits and take the necessary steps to correct them, but with the desire to be healthier, hard work, and the courage to seek help and support,  it can be done. Remember, you are not a lone. Find a good support system of people who love you unconditionally and encourage you along the way.

You can also encourage yourself for having the strength and wisdom to change your lifestyle. If you slip up while making these changes, that’s OK and expected.  Just give yourself some grace and forgiveness and try again. After all, nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes. Change your habits and you will change your life.


Author bio: Alex Moore is a SideSleeperGuide writer and editor. He has always been fascinated with DIY projects, sustainable living and motivational advice. You can find out more about Alex on Twitter.

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