Divorced Dad Dating: The Challenges One Dad Said He’s FacingBy Jackie Pilossoph

          This email came from a 42 year-old divorced dad dating who shares custody of his 10 year-old daughter. I thought it was interesting how he…..

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Dating Advice: "Who is Going to Want me?"By Jackie Pilossoph

I have written so many articles giving dating advice about older, divorced women who ask the question, “Who is going to want me?” They feel that because they are middle-aged,…..

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Single Dad Dating: "Are My Kids Hurting My Love Life?"By Jackie Pilossoph

Jackie, I’m a single dad dating, and I want to know: Why do women look at dating a guy with kids as having an albatross hung around his neck? Are…..

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Single Dad Dating Doesn’t Want to "Waste Time"By Jackie Pilossoph

A single dad dating asked me this question:   Is it wrong to not want to go out on dates unless you feel there is potential for a long term…..

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