Newly Separated Man: “There Is No Place For Me To Escape The Pain”By Jackie Pilossoph

      Read what this newly separated man has to say about his marriage ending, followed by my advice. I have been with my wife for over a decade……

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“My World Crumbled” Says Newly Separated ManBy Jackie Pilossoph

      A comment received on the site from a newly separated man:   My world crumbled a few months ago when my (now ex) wife told me she…..

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Advice for "My Wife Wants to be Separated"By Jackie Pilossoph

I am the pursuer, the chaser, the one still in love. My wife wants to be separated and is the distance, the leaver, the one “figuring things out.” We are…..

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Divorce Advice for Man Whose Wife Said The Day He Moved Out Was Best Day of Her LifeBy Jackie Pilossoph

I wrote a blog post called “’Can’t Get Over My Ex Wife,’ Says Divorced Man,” and here is a comment I got from a newly separated man. I want to…..

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When a Woman Leaves You: Justified? or Did She Give Up Too Soon?By Jackie Pilossoph

One of my most popular blogs on Divorced Girl Smiling is called, “Honey, I want a Divorce: when a Woman Decides to Leave.” There are currently 68 comments posted from…..

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