6 Ways Sports Combats Stress During A DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

stress during a divorce

How Sports Can Help Anyone Going Through A Stressful Period Going through a divorce can drain the life out of you whether you have been married for two or twenty…..

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Gratitude During The Hard Times Of DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

hard times of divorce

Gratitude During The Hard Times Of Divorce Written by a staff writer for Divorce With Dignity   Divorcing your spouse is a major life event that can leave you feeling…..

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Divorce Advice: The Blame GameBy Jackie Pilossoph

divorce advice

Great divorce advice from Chicago based transition coach, Sheila Devi on playing the blame game, and how you can win by quitting it.    The Blame Game  by Sheila Devi What…..

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Divorce Advice For Finding Home Sweet HomeBy Jackie Pilossoph

divorce advice

Divorce Advice For Finding Home Sweet Home  by Caleb Anderson, freelance writer   One thing that worries people in the midst of a divorce most is living arrangements. Splitting property,…..

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Divorced Women: What Are We Thinking?By Jackie Pilossoph

divorced women

No matter what age or stage of life, the curiosity to know what the heck is going on in the mind of someone of the opposite sex (who is in…..

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Advice For Loneliness During DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

loneliness during divorce

Of all the emotions people go through during a divorce, I’d have to say, hands down, the most heart-breaking, difficult one is loneliness. I can say firsthand how painful loneliness…..

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Beware Of Certain People During Your DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph


This is a guest post from life coach and author, Jeff Brandt, who describes some of the people you might be encountering during your divorce, how they might react, and…..

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How To Get Back Into A Healthy Routine After DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

after divorce

How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine after Divorce by Vanessa Davis   Going through a divorce is something everybody hopes they’ll never have to face. Still, life doesn’t…..

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Power Moves For Getting Over Your DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

      This is a great guest post by author, speaker and life coach, Jeff Brandt. Brandt, who realized several years ago that he wasn’t over his own divorce…..

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Financial Fears In A DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

financial fears

Financial Fears in a Divorce by Ted Hans My divorce case started five years ago this week. I’ve been an investment professional for over thirty years and I was at…..

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