A Divorced Man’s Advice On Dating After DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

Suddenly single lonesome nights beget thoughts of getting back out there. Whether you have been kicked to the curb for cause or the romance died of natural causes you are back in a world that may have changed significantly since the last time you were single.

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Divorced Guy: “I Will NEVER Get Married Again. Ever”By Jackie Pilossoph

I will never get married again

This is an email I received from a 50 something year-old divorced guy who got divorced because his wife cheated on him. He was very surprised and hurt by the…..

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Dating Advice For Conflicted Divorced GuyBy Jackie Pilossoph

To quote a dear friend of mine who recently told me about a divorced guy she was dating, “That man is a hot mess!” The reason I am quoting her…..

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Divorced Dad Dating: The Challenges One Dad Said He’s FacingBy Jackie Pilossoph

          This email came from a 42 year-old divorced dad dating who shares custody of his 10 year-old daughter. I thought it was interesting how he…..

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Do Beer Goggles Really Increase The Likelihood Of Sex?By Jackie Pilossoph

        Beer Goggles: New Research and Its Results  by Trisha Miller Long time theories regarding “beer goggles” have now been scientifically backed, but maybe not quite in…..

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Relationship Advice For Men: Put Your Babe Before FootballBy Jackie Pilossoph

        A guest post by one of my favorite writers, John C. Turner, (Professor JT), offering relationship advice for men, specifically during football season when fantasy football…..

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4 Tips To Regaining Self-RespectBy Jackie Pilossoph

      Picking Up The Pieces: A Man’s Guide to Regaining Self-Respect by Mark Greene A woman cheated on you and you still want to date her. You said…..

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10 Signs You’re Ready To Start Dating After DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

        Dating after divorce is different for everyone. Some people start dating right when they decide to separate and/or move out, perhaps because their marriage has been…..

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Dating Someone Who Is Separated: Is It Right For You?By Jackie Pilossoph

People often wonder about dating someone who is separated—not officially divorced. Some won’t do it. Some don’t have an issue with it. Read this email I received from a reader…..

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Relationships and Weight: Tips To Staying Happy AND HealthyBy Jackie Pilossoph

        Here is this week’s Love Essentially, my dating and relationships column, published weekly in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press:  Are Happy Couples Fatter? by Jackie Pilossoph for…..

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