Advice for guy who got “woozy” after finding out the ex-wife is dating


February 20th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

      For many divorced men, finding out the ex-wife is dating can be extremely difficult. With feelings that range from shock, anger, bitterness, jealousy, anxiety, and or sadness, many divorced men often struggle with th...

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Divorce Advice for: "I Just Want To Talk To My Kids"


May 28th, 2015 . Jackie Pilossoph

This divorced dad needs some divorce advice: My ex mother in law let me have dinner with my kids while my ex-wife was working. She found out and told me her feelings were hurt that we did this behind her back. I told her I’m sorry, but it hurts ...

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Three Words To Keep In Mind When Dealing With An Ex


February 20th, 2015 . Jackie Pilossoph

Dealing with an ex isn't easy. Any divorced person will tell you that. So, when I started seeing posts on Cyber Dust by Ronald Atkinson Jr. on the subject of breakups, they sparked my interest. I asked Atkinson if he wanted to guest post on the subje...

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Divorce Advice: Handling "The Unsolicited Attack"


December 24th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

Picture this. You are sitting at your computer working late at night. As always, you are stressed about finances, your upcoming court hearing, being single, and all the other stress factors that come with going through a divorce. All of a sudden, ...

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Mean-Spirited Comment Reveals Divorce Anger, Bitterness and Insecurity


November 12th, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

I wrote a blog post on Divorced Girl Smiling called “Inside the Mind of a Recently Separated 40 Something Woman,” where I talked about the perceptions and insecurities of a woman as it relates to getting older and being single again. It's a very ...

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Describe Your Ex in One Word


August 1st, 2014 . Jackie Pilossoph

Yesterday I posted on my Divorced Girl Smiling Facebook page” “Describe your ex in one word.” The response I got was very unexpected. 95% of the responses were from women and here were the words they used to describe their ex’s: Immature, ...

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