Where Can I Look For Emotional Support During A Divorce?By Jackie Pilossoph

emotional support during a divorce

Where Can I Look For Emotional Support During A Divorce? Written by a staff writer at Divorce With Dignity   Divorce support can be just as important from an emotional…..

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Advice For Loneliness During DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

loneliness during divorce

Of all the emotions people go through during a divorce, I’d have to say, hands down, the most heart-breaking, difficult one is loneliness. I can say firsthand how painful loneliness…..

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Beware Of Certain People During Your DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph


This is a guest post from life coach and author, Jeff Brandt, who describes some of the people you might be encountering during your divorce, how they might react, and…..

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How To Get Back Into A Healthy Routine After DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

after divorce

How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine after Divorce by Vanessa Davis   Going through a divorce is something everybody hopes they’ll never have to face. Still, life doesn’t…..

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Power Moves For Getting Over Your DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

      This is a great guest post by author, speaker and life coach, Jeff Brandt. Brandt, who realized several years ago that he wasn’t over his own divorce…..

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Financial Fears In A DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

financial fears

Financial Fears in a Divorce by Ted Hans My divorce case started five years ago this week. I’ve been an investment professional for over thirty years and I was at…..

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Coping With Divorce: Just Admit It, Your Marriage SuckedBy Jackie Pilossoph

      This is a great post for those having a hard time coping with divorce: Why is it that human nature causes us to forget a lot of…..

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How To Start Healing After DivorceBy Jackie Pilossoph

    Great guest post by Dr. Baruch Halevi on something needed to start healing after divorce: Stop Being Fine & Start Being Real by Dr. Baruch Halevi Here is the…..

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Getting Divorced? Maybe It’s Time To SurrenderBy Jackie Pilossoph

      Getting Divorced? Kick Back. Relax. It’s Time For A Surrender Party by Dr. Baruch Halevi I am a control freak. I admit it. It’s painful. It’s even a…..

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Divorce Advice For: “Drowning In My Sorrows”By Jackie Pilossoph

    Read this reader’s email below, followed by my divorce advice: I’m not entirely sure what to say other than the fact that I’m pretty much drowning in my…..

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